2016 Best Valentine Movies on Netflix for Kids

My kids love watching holiday themed movies and shows. They get that from their mom, who always makes sure to have a list on hand of what holiday movies and shows are playing when, as the holidays come around. There are several Valentine’s Day Kids Movies Streaming on Netflix right now if your kiddos are looking for something to watch.


A movie based on the future of mankind where Earth is abandoned because of the lack of sustainable resources. The humans are still alive, and they reside on a huge spaceship that roams in outer space. Left behind on Earth is only trash and by-products of industries such as Buy n Large Corporation. WALL-E, a rusty old robot is left on Earth to clean up the mess. EVE, a sleek examination robot is built by the humans to survey the Earth to find proof of sustainable life. When she comes to Earth, she finds WALL-E, who immediately falls in love with her. The story unfolds, with EVE successfully finding life on Earth in the form of a plant, and WALL-E managed to convince EVE of his love for her.


The film is based on a family of Parisian cats that have been kidnapped and try to fight against all odds to get back home. The story features Madame Adelaide Bonfamille that lives in a luxurious Paris villa with the company of her cat Duchess and three kittens (Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz). Edgar, the family’s loyal butler, however, lets jealousy get the best of him when he overhears the Madame say that she will leave her entire fortune to the cats after her death. He drugs and kidnaps the cats and tries to make them leave the country until he is intervened by Thomas O’Malley, an eloquent tomcat. O’Malley’s bravery and heroics to rescue the kidnapped felines make Dutchess fall in love with him.

More Valentine’s Day Kids Movies Streaming on Netflix

  • Clifford Big Hearted T-Bone / Cleo’s Valentine Surprise
  • Clifford’s Puppy Days Your Secret Valentine / Perfect Pet
  • Clifford’s Puppy Days Valentine Schmalentine / Sweethearts Dance
  • Arthur Buster’s Secret Admirer / The Last King of Lambland
  • Monster High: Why Do Ghouls Fall in Love?
  • DreamWorks Happy Holidays from Madagascar (Madagascar goes wild with holiday spirit in this set of Valentine’s Day and Christmas-themed tales featuring everyone’s favorite animal characters.)
  • Little Einsteins Season 2: Annie’s Love Song
  • Handy Manny Season 3: Valentine’s Day Party
  • Kate and Mim-Mim Season 1: Valentine Friends
  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Season 2: It’s Love Day/Daniel’s Love Day Surprise
  • Dinosaur Train Season 2: Date Night
  • Casper’s Scare School Season 2: Love Potion
  • Kipper: Puppy Love
  • Pound Puppies Season 1: Olaf in Love
  • Pound Puppies Season 3: When Niblet Met Giblet
  • Super Mario Bros.Super Show Season 1: Lovwe ’em and Leave ’em

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